All About Singing Bowls


If you are into meditation as a means of relaxation, you must be familiar with meditation bells. There are different types of them and one of these is the singing bowl. Most of the time meditation bells gongs are mistaken as singing bowls because of its design.  The shape of such bowls is like that of the usual bowl. You need a mallet to hit it for it to make a sound. Such bowls will be able to give you different sounds with such a complicated quality. But what gives it the unique sound quality is not the bowl itself but the way it is sounded which is by hitting it with a mallet and running the mallet on the edge of the bowl.


Such bowls also have different sizes from four to about five inches up to twelve inches in diameter and even beyond. You also have to look into the tone of the sound they make depending on how big the bowls are. You will have the option to choose between the more modern vibe of them or you can go for the traditional ones. Often they are sold side by side in the market. Please bear in mind that the antique ones are more expensive than the newer kinds.


You have to know that Tibetan singing bowls originally had been designed by Tibetans around four thousand years ago. It was during that time when Tibetan shamans and monks who lived during that time had been using the bowls from this website for some time already. Such Tibetan singing bowls are designed to come up with vibrations that can have beneficial effects on human beings. It is said that the sound that these bowls make are meant to soothe and they initiate meditation. It is much like getting a massage through the vibrations that the singing bowl sends out.


Singing bowls can come from Nepal or Tibet. Those that come from Tibet are usually made up of eight metals. However, there are also those that are made of seven metals only. These bowls are still known to be of good quality even if they are made of seven metals only. Tibetan singing bowls are handmade; hence you can be sure that each one is unique.


There are places where you can buy these singing bowls from and you need not go to Nepal or Tibet. You can find in the nearest market to your place.